Every Month Delivered to You Hand-Selected by Experts 5 Premium Cigars



5 Premium Hand Rolled Cigars as Low as $33.95

Every month we have an astounding variety of different blends, brands, sizes, shapes, and flavors from limited edition boutique cigars to super premium brands around the world.


By Industry Experts & Our Team of Cigar Lovers

Combining the love for cigars and our collective buying power, our team of industry professionals search and rate cigars from around the world to bring deals not found anywhere else.


Monthly in Humidity Controlled Tubes

Ensuring quality and optimal flavor, receive your cigars at the peak of perfection each and every month in tubes that consider both humidity and light sensitivities.


We have two things in common with you…our lifelong commitment to the NRA and our love for fine handmade premium cigars. We have combined our love for cigars with our collective buying power and created an exclusive membership club for cigar loving NRA members.

While the NRA Cigar Club is relatively new, we are not new to cigars. We have been enjoying fine cigars for more than 25 years, and have been in the retail cigar business for many years. We have assembled a team of cigar industry professionals, along with some avid cigar smokers to sample and rate cigars for consideration in this offering to members.

Our team has visited many of the world’s finest cigar blenders and manufacturers. We have collected an astounding variety of cigar sizes, shapes, and blends from all major cigar regions, featuring boutique, premium and super premium hand rolled cigars. The NRA cigar club is unlike any other cigar club in that we only include cigars that our team rates 85 points or higher. We often acquire first release cigars, limited quantity boutique cigars, and niche cigars often overlooked by many.

Our goal is to introduce you to cigars you may have never tried, supply your favorites at great prices, weed through the hundreds of cigars on the market to narrow down the very best of the best, and to provide you with the best cigars at incredible discounts.

No NRA member dues or contributions are used for this program, promotion or any related expenses.

Hand Selected


Cigars… A rich American tradition.

Our collective buying power provides competitive pricing for an astounding variety of blends, brands, flavors, shapes and sizes. But that’s just the beginning… Our team of experts rate cigars from all over the world to ensure a complimentary mix of cigars for your monthly selections.
The Second Amendment… A rich American heritage.

Combine the enjoyment of a great cigar with the love of shooting and hunting by joining this exclusive club. Light up knowing that a portion of the proceeds help fund critical NRA programs to preserve our Second Amendment Rights.

Membership PackMemberships Include…

  • For less than $7.00 each, you receive five-premium hand-rolled cigars from the world’s top producers delivered in humidity controlled tubes every month to sample.
  • Monthly e-newsletter highlighting each month’s selection, news, upcoming events, special offers and discounts.

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Our Selection Process

The NRA Cigar Club has one of the most unique cigar selection teams anywhere.

We strongly believe in TEAMWORK. Because of this core value, we have enlisted 10 people to help us select your cigars. We value the opinion of professional tobacconists, which is why our selection team has 6 professionals with over 100 years of combined cigar experience. But we also believe cigars are uniquely individual, and personal preference is a priority. We have 4 members of our cigar selection team that are not cigar industry professionals, but are simply cigar lovers, and their opinions and input are invaluable to our rigid selection process.

Appearance/Construction up to 15 Points
Smoking Characteristics up to 25 Points
Flavor up to 25 Points
Overall Impression up to 35 Points
Appearance + Characteristics + Flavor + Impression = 100% Satisfaction!


We Are Picky…

We are sticklers about our care of fine cigars. The two most important factors in preserving a fine, handcrafted, all natural cigar is maintaining proper humidity and temperature. Cigars should always be kept at 70% relative humidity and 70 degrees of temperature. Our climate controlled storage facility and even our packaging facility is constantly maintained at optimum humidity and temperature.

We pack your cigars in a zip locked plastic bag, maintain the humidity in the bag with Boveda© (the industry leader in humidification) humidity control, and insert your cigars into perfectly sized black shipping tubes to prevent crushing, excessive stacking, and restrict internal movement that might cause damage.



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12 Month Membership with free Humidor and Cigar cutter.
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